Note: VisualAp requires either JRE or JDK, version 1.6 or later. Please download it before installing VisualAp. Further details are available here: Free Java Download

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Download VisualAp-Setup.exe file and execute it in windows environment.
The installation program will create a directory installing needed files and adding the related windows registry keys and short-cuts in Windows start menu.

Linux and other OS
Download the visualap-setup.jar file. Create a directory, e.g. Visualap, put the visualap-setup.jar in that directory and execute the following command:
java -jar visualap-setup.jar

Such installation does not set windows registry keys nor short-cuts, in case you need it, use the file VisualAp-Setup.exe.

Start VisualAp application
After you have installed the application, the simple way to launch the program is to run visualap.bat in a DOS window.
       java -jar visualap.jar  [-fast] [-run] [-report] [-uniqueID] [-help] <filename>

Command line options:
-fast       fast startup
-run        automatic run
-report     print a report about available beans
-uniqueID   print uniqueID
-help       this help

To compile VisualAp: execute the file build.bat in a DOS window To compile example beans: execute the file buildtest.bat in a DOS window

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