A component (or proclet) is the building block of the VisualAp environment. A component is shown with its icon plus a number of terminals. Terminals are represented by a small blue square. Terminals are also called pins. Input terminals are placed in the left side of a component, while output terminals are placed in the right side of a component.

Using components
It is possible to view/modify the configuration of a component by double-click over a component in the workplace panel. Components can be connected together by first pressing the mouse button over a terminal, then move the mouse pointer over another terminal and then release the mouse button: an edge between the two terminals is created.

The following rules must be followed when connecting a terminal to another one:
  • it is not possible to connect together two or more output terminals
  • any input terminal must be connected to an output terminal
  • loops and cycles are not allowed in a system
These errors are detected only when the system is checked (System->Check)
It is possible to design and release new components for VisualAp. please read the related developer guide.

New components shall be placed in the <beans> directory under the VisualAp directory.

Available components
The following components are available:

NameAuthorDescription echo effect audio stream
test.demux.DeMuxjavalc6split stereo audio in two mono audio
test.imagefilter.Imagefilterjavalc6filters an image according to user settings
blackpower.image.Imagetransformblackpowertransforms an image according to user settings
test.inspect.Inspectjavalc6print type information
test.microphone.Microphonejavalc6record an audio stream from the microphone
test.mux.Muxjavalc6generate stereo audio from two mono audio inputs
test.readfile.ReadFilejavalc6read a file
test.speaker.Speakerjavalc6play the incoming audio stream
test.viewer.Viewerjavalc6display input data
test.tonegenerator.ToneGeneratorjavalc6generate an audio tone
test.writefile.WriteFilejavalc6write data to a file

Do you want to propose your own component? Please join the component development project!

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